THE RESIDENT competition

We have 3 copies of THE RESIDENT (15) on DVD to give away in a VideoVista prize draw.

From the rapidly rising, critically acclaimed production company Black Fawn Films, the producers of Bite comes the critically acclaimed The Resident (aka: The Sublet) which makes its UK DVD debut and available on demand and to download on 22nd May 2017, courtesy of Second Sight.

Alone with a baby and feeling isolated, Joanna feels a growing sense of unease in her new apartment. Are the sinister noises, banging on the walls and whispering voices real, or is she losing her mind?

Gradually uncovering the chilling history of her new home, she desperately clings to her sanity, while fearing the horrific events of the past have left a very real and malevolent presence.

Prepare to be disturbed as you spend some time with The Resident

THE RESIDENT is released on DVD in the UK by Second Sight, 22nd May 2017.

To enter this DVD competition, simply send your name and address by email to VideoVista.

You must include the word rent in the subject line of your email.

All entries must reach VideoVista before 29th May 2017. 

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